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NGOs Go Online

A donation program that helps NGOs / Communities / Foundations throughout Indonesia to expand its impact through Digital Access from Agatha Projects.

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Another Thing We Do

We Also Serve Some of Your Technical Technology Needs.

Software House

We Build Web, Android and Desktop Applications at Your Request.

Network Specialist

We Build Simple Network Infrastructure for Organizational or Private Environments.

Server Admin

We Build, Configure And Optimize A Physical Or Non-Physical Server.

Graphic Designer

We Serve Product Branding Services, Logo Making, Etc.

Event Organizer

Especially For Pre-Wedding Video Production Or Filming During Wedding Reception.

IT Support

And We Also Serve The Repair & Purchase Laptops, Etc. For Personal Or Vendors.

We Use Trusted Server Providers from Indonesia and International

To increase the trust of our clients, we choose quality servers. In Indonesia with IIX that allows your website to be accessed by anyone. And Abroad, With a variety of world-class providers, we prepare the best for you.

Selected Projects

In the past year, we have worked on more than 30 projects, some of which are superior to our projects as below