GO Digital NGO is one of the collaborative programs and donations implemented by several partners where registered NGOs / Foundations / Communities will get digital access assistance to build a digital platform for their organizations to expand the beneficial and beneficial impact of NGOs / Foundations / Communities throughout Indonesia.

NGOs will get

Free Hosting

- Triple Core
- 20 GB storage space
- 2 GB virtual memory
- Unlimited bandwidth

Free Website

We make website for NGO

Free Maintenance

We Can Give Maintenance Package For One Month

Google For Non Profit

Setup Help For Google Non-Profit

Program Terms and Conditions

The following are the terms and conditions for NGOs / Communities / Organizations / Foundations to join the Go Online NGO Program:

  1. NGOs are legal entities and are officially registered as Foundations/Societies/Community Organizations/Youth.
  2. Registered NGOs are required to use the services (Domain and Hosting) of Agatha Projects.
  3. Install a backlink to the #NGO-GOOnline page and participate in the #NGO-GOOnline campaign

How to Register the Program

You can simply fill out the form by clicking the “Just Click Here” button at the bottom of this website.

After registering, we need to verify your organization as an official organization. You need to send a scan of the Foundation Deed or Decree of the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights or NPWP of the Organization or Decree of Appointment of Organizations or Decree of Establishment of the Organization in PDF format to email

Once verified, the Organization can get NGO services Go Online (Hosting, Website) which we will email gradually.
If you need help with Google for Non-Profit Setup, you can contact

Program FAQs

Registered NGOs will get Domain (Optional), Hosting, Website, and Google For Non-Profit Setup Assistance.

The #NGO-GoOnline program will be verified directly by the Agatha Team in accordance with government regulations regarding the issuance of new domains and the establishment of organizations / communities so that only verified NGOs will get services on this program.

Because the free domain is only valid for 1 year and hosting for 6 months, if it is past the deadline, NGOs can extend and pay domain hosting according to the standard price with a bill that will be informed by the Agatha Projects Team.

If an NGO does not renew, it will automatically cause a Suspended Account.

  1. Valid ID Card / Letter of Identity (ex: KTP / SIM / Passport)
  2. Notarial Deed or SK (Decree) of Internal Organization (Foundation / Community / NGO)
  3. Letter of Appointment of Management (Specifically for Youth Organizations)

No need, the website that has been created will then be moved to Hosting and Domain transfer to OR.ID

For Media Partners and Community Partners who are interested in collaborating, please send collaboration offers to email